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Uniqueness of Georgian Qvevri Wine

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A person holding a plate with a bottle of qvevri wine, sulguni cheese, shotis bread and churchkhela
Georgian qvevri wine

According to Bortolot, (2018) Georgia is the oldest wine producer in the entire world. This country is mainly famous for making white wines and it stays connected with their skis, pips and stalks months after month. These wines afterwards are fermented in a huge qvevri which is also known as amphorae. This qvevri is then buried underground so that it can be fermented and the taste of the wine can be increased. This technique is now seen in many parts of the world however the root of the traditional method lies in the solid of this country. Georgian Qvevri Wine is unique as it is a blend of history, religion, mythology etc. It is also unique due to its amber wine trend and most of the people are also interested in having natural wine which makes it even more luring. Georgia has also made improvements in the vineyard and winery to make it stand amongst other wine producers.

Magyarics, (2018) on the other hand opines that Georgian Wine is unique as it is different and delicious that other types of wines in the entire world. The author says that winemakers in Georgia become more adventurous every day which force them to rediscover new old grapes in the forest and they also try to find old family lands so that the fermentation process can take place easily. The wine production in this country has become so famous that it offers a wine trail in Napa valley situated in Kakheti to offer visitors with wineries, restaurants, hotels etc. According to Betty, (2020) the qvevri which are buried underground are totally sealed so that any kinds of contamination and oxidation can be prevented. The constant temperature of the underground also helps to ferment the wine in a more effective way.

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