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How British market react to Georgian wine?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Wine barrels with a view on mountains

British market

Georgian wine is considered as the most elegant and highly prized wine among the high-class people sharing passion in wine tasting. Elevations in the sales rate of Georgian wine in different states of the United Kingdom have grown dramatically in the year 2021, as British consumers are constantly developing a taste for the indigenous varieties of grapes grown in the vineyard of Georgia. For instance, export of Georgian wine to the United Kingdom has risen by 72 percent in the period between January to October 2021 when compared to the import of Georgian wine in the same period in2 2020, due to its high demand among the common British people in the U.K. In total, about 631,504 bottles of wine were imported from Georgia to the United Kingdom in contrast to 366,486 bottles of wine in 2020. It reflects a sharp shift in the tastes and preferences of the British people towards the vintage Georgian wine (Lawrence, 2021).

The liquor industry of the United Kingdom reacted efficiently to the wide variety of red wines prepared in Georgia. In recent times, the demand for Georgian wine extracted and prepared exclusively from the Georgian vineyard has risen exponentially across different parts in the U.K. Georgia has ranked second in the former Soviet Union in terms of producing a large volume of grapes just behind Moldova. The Georgian wine persists to strengthen in the liquor industry of the U.K as key British importers are adding Georgian wine to their preference list and portfolio. With more than 8000 years of rich-wine making tradition, Georgia is often recognized as the “Cradle of Wine” despite the fact that it produces wine in relatively smaller quantities. The premium quality and fine texture of the wine makes it one of the best valued wines in the world (EU4Business., 2021).

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