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Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Owing to a change in the global climate, the future of fine wine production is expected to shift drastically. As compared to other agricultural products, one crop that is highly sensitive to the variations in precipitation and temperature are the wine grapes (climate central, 2021). In almost every step of the wine manufacturing process, the taste and quality of the wine gets affected due to this climate change.

Considered to be one of the most nuanced and sensitive agriculture products, wine demonstrates how change in climate is transforming age-old practices and traditions. The smart wine-producers across the wine-growing world have experimented and adapted not only to warmer winters, hotter summers but also to some violent climatic events like drought, flood, spring frost, forest fires, freak hailstorms and many more. Places that were once considered as too cold for growing wine grapes are now being used by the wine producers. With an increase in the global temperature, these places are proven to be productive enough for the grapes to grow. For instance, thirty years back no one ever heard of English Sparkling Wine because of the cooler temperatures that prevailed in this country for the major part of the year (nytimes, 2019). However, changes in temperature have made it possible for a sparkling wine industry to thrive in this region mainly along the southern coast with new vineyards being planted.

Climate change

Therefore, it can be concluded that the winemakers are no more strangers to the transmutation brought by climate change. While on one hand increase in temperature have been a boon to those living in the cooler regions and helped them rejoice over riper berries, but on the contrary acted as a devastating factor to those already living in the warmer parts of the world.

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