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The Cradle of Wine Civilization

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Wine glass with red wine on the wooden table with flowers and lights
Glass of red wine

Area in which ancient winemaking ruins have been discovered

There has always been confusion between old world wines and new world wines. The modern winemaking tradition has come down and has originated from the old world wine making. Beyond this factor, there are also other factors such as stylistic references which separate Old World and New World wines. The old wine used to have a tendency to have a lighter body along with the lower percentage of alcohol content in them. They have higher acidity and less fruity flavour. The New World Wine has the tendency of having a fuller body with high alcohol content, lower acidic level and pronounced amount of fruit flavours. Italy is Old World Wine. The Old World Wine definition along with the region comes down to the various Areas where the traditions of modern winemaking have firstly originated. The best blends of France have defined the wine making tradition for hundreds of years. The French traditions have been one of the contributors that have shaped the tastes of all the winemakers across the globe. Countries like Spain have a massive number of grape varieties. They have significantly dedicated their land for the process of growing grapes than any other country in the world.

The new world wines are referred to as those winemakers and countries that have borrowed the traditions from the old world winemakers to jump start their own. The new world winemakers are from countries in North America South America New Zealand Australia China and Africa. It can be stated that the winds of the new world have the tendency to make and then innovate their own wines. The definition of these wines is very much less structured than the ones that belong from the old world. One cannot deny the significance of the traditional winemaking procedures.

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