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Side effects of drinking wine every night

Updated: Jul 7, 2023


It does not matter whether people are drinking white wine, red wine or any other type of alcohol, excess consumption of wine can lead to addiction. Therefore, understanding the frequency of drinking, serving sizes and the alcohol by volume (ABV) is more important than deciding which brand to choose. 12 ounces of beer contains about 5% ABV and 5 ounces of wine contains about 12% ABV (gatewayfoundation, 2022). Thus, consuming enough alcohol every night can develop a dependency.

Short- and long-term effects of drinking wine

The effects that drinking wine can cause to a human body depends on different factors like alcohol tolerance, body weight and the quantity consumed. Drinking wine every night can lead to some short-term effects that include, drowsiness, impaired judgment, speech and movement. Mostly people are seen consuming wine after a long day of work just to unwind and feel drowsy. Drinking one, lowers the process of decision-making and inhibition (webmd, 2022). Usually when people consume more than three drinks that can result in an increase in the blood pressure temporarily. The long-term consequences of drinking wine include memory loss. People are seen struggling with concentration and excessive consumption of wine overtime can lead to a long-term memory loss as the brain gets damaged. Living a normal life becomes impossible without assistance for those who are facing these problems. Drinking wine on a regular basis can also have an impact on the liver resulting in diseases like alcohol hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis.


Wine being high in calories can change the metabolism structure in an individual body. Therefore, a person who regularly drinks wine in an excess quality adds on that extra inch around his/her waistline. Even though consuming a glass of wine might feel relaxing, it actually increases the cortisol and creation of bad thoughts in one’s mind.

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