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Georgian Wine

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Friends enjoying a glass of red with happy faces, on the sunny day
Red wine

Georgia has been one of the meaningful contributors of wine culture throughout the times of history. The production of wine goes back to 6000 BCE. Evidences have produced that Georgia is one the very first regions of the world to produce wine. With relevance of Archaeological evidence it has been stated and found that Georgia has played an important role in institutionalising the wine culture. Wine plays a very crucial role in the daily life of Georgian citizens. Even in simple hospitality they include wine and toasting. The special guests and events in Georgia are celebrated with the Supra which is a more formalised gathering of people where there is lots of food and wine along with an organised toast by a Tamada or toastmaster. The tamada tells people when to drink and showcases an action that should take place in a prompt and collective manner.

Grape wine production of Georgia was taken care of by Samtrest which was a state department of wines and vines. The entire industry of wine making of Soviet Georgia was looked after by Samtrest and it became one of the owners of the largest wine cellars. The production of wind that was promoted in the era of Soviet consisted of several lines: Dessert wines, table wines, sparkling wines and fizzy wines. The highest quality wine is known as the premium wines. Georgia was able to reproduce many varieties of endemic grape and integrate those into various types of diverse array of wine. During the Russian demand in the early 20th century, a large quantity of low quality wines that were semi-sweet was made. The production orientation of wine in Georgia 2 was based on quantity over quality as the winemakers were concentrating on fulfilling the state plan.

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