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Qvevri, Calling Card Wine of Georgia

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Georgia is one of the places that is popularly known for Qvevri wines. These are formatted in the clay vessels which have been buried underground. The procedure of wine making is religiously followed by the winemakers. All the Qvevri wines come in several different styles. Most of the dry red wines in Georgia are made from Saperavi such as Tavkveri and Otskhanuri Sapere. The amber wines are produced from the fermented white grapes in Qvevri with the skins and stems that have popularly known as the calling card of Georgia. The characterisation of these wines is done by different flavours and texture profile from the other forms of Georgian wines. The skin contact helps in deepening and adding a flavour which is complex in nature. The finished product contains a significant part of the structure which offers freshness and oxidative strength to the good flavoured wines.

Georgia is also famous for producing a variety of dry wines. These are either the result of fermentation set in an abbreviated manner or are deliberately being crafted for this style. It has also been considered that getting the wines into the shops in the restaurant can be a challenge. As there was a lack of awareness about the wine of Georgia and the fact that they have been relatively new to the market, it meant that even the professionals of wine making can find them perplexing. It has therefore become very important to educate the professionals as well as the consumers so that the excitement can be conveyed about the wine without making it seem difficult. The residents of Georgia believe that there is something about the wine that is manufactured in the country which touches the deepest part of their soul than all the other things that are present in the country.

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