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Italian wines

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Water and trees with stones on the side, view from the hill

Italy was known as the land of wine or ‘enotria’ because of its rich variety and diversity of grapes. They also have dedicated their acres to cultivate vines. Italy has become one of the commercial hubs and gigantic nurseries that have been positioned at the heart of the Mediterranean along with becoming the first global civilisation of the traded product: wine. In the last three decades, Italy has undergone the wine production revolution which has been extended beyond generic whites and reds. Italian wines have been classified and have helped people in determining the designation level of the wines as they prepare to buy them. Italian wines are made up of different varieties of grapes. There are a variety of grapes which are just specific to Italy and they are known as Fiano, Sagrantino, Nero d’Avola and Teroldego. These are the wines of Italy which are totally and truly dedicated to the Italian flavour. Like the cuisine of Italy, the Italian wines also differ depending on the region.

As discussed, different regions of Italy produce different kinds of wine. The northern Italian wines are made up of Nebbiolo grapes. Central Italy produces wines with International varieties such as cabernet Sauvignon. The winds that are produced from Southern Italy and the nearby Island matches the flavour of the region such as Fiano and Greco di Tufo. It can be said that the Americans love Italian wines because of its diversity and wide range of styles along with the protection of indigenous varieties, the food-friendliness and the great value that it provides. The Italian wine sector and the supply chain have performed very well in the recent decades which have contributed to the profitability and success of both the International and Domestic rated markets.

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