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Introduction-Georgian wine

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

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Introduction of wine

Georgian wine is among the most preferred wines among the world. The wine making culture in Georgia comprises techniques which are perhaps the oldest ones as far as the wine making processes are concerned. Here is a report that covers some of the most important aspects of wine making in Georgia starting with its overview and history which is over 8000 years old.

Georgia is considered by many wine enthusiasts as the birthplace of winemaking culture. The core of wine-making culture in Georgia emerged from the idea of leaving grape juice buried in winter soil for long periods only to have it turn into the most fundamental and unprocessed natural wine that the modern people know about. Georgia currently ranks second in the world in terms of grape production following the leading producer, Moldova. Every year, Georgia is known to export millions of bottles of wine to the different countries of Europe and other continents. Among the main importers of Georgian wine are Russia and the European nations. British companies like Marks and Spencer’s are known to stock and sell Georgian wines in their supermarket stores. Georgian wines are not only among the oldest but also the best quality wines produced in the whole world. Kakheti, Imereti, Adjara, Kvemo Svaneti, etc. are some of the main wine-producing regions in Georgia (Kharaishvili, 2017). The main feature of Georgian wines that give it the demand it deserves is the huge range of sweetness levels that have become possible with the emergence of different variations in the wine methodology keeping the core same. The extensive viticulture systems have allowed for variations to emerge in the processes leading to subtle changes in tastes and colour giving rise to what people call are classes or families of wines. Georgian wines, although the majority of them are still produced traditionally using clay utensils, occur in various forms such as red wines, white wines and the most famous orange wines.

Kharaishvili, E., (2017). Wine Market and Competitive Models of Diversification of the Viticulture-Winemaking Industry in Georgia.

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