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How to test if wine is healthy/good

Updated: Jul 7, 2023


By just looking at the bottle or reading the notes printed at the back label of that bottle, one cannot simply say whether the wine is good to taste or is of good quality. A glass, taste buds and a corkscrew are all that is needed to understand the quality of the wine. However, just looking at the bottle and being pleased at the packaging is a matter of personal choice and preference. But in reality, to determine the quality of the wine requires examining different elements.

Four essential ways to decide whether the wine is good or not

Step 1 includes smelling the wine. Even before taking a sip, the person should stick his/her nose to the brim of the glass to whiff. When the wine smells somewhat floral or fruity that means it is a good quality wine (wineryon, 2020).

Step 2 involves ensuring that the wine is in good balance. This forms a very important aspect while determining the quality of wine. None of the components of fruit, alcohol or acidity seems to stand out in a well-balanced wine.

Step 3 involves taking a sip and holding the wine inside the mouth for a few seconds and swirling it round. This helps in determining the depth of the flavour. A wine that has good depth of flavour will change during the course of time. For instance, a person sipping one at dinner will notice the wine changing during the course of the meal emitting more aromas.

Step 4 is perhaps the easiest one. To determine whether the wine is good is to simply swallow the wine and test how long the flavor remains on the palate. The better the wine the longer it will linger (wtso, 2017).

Conclusion test

So to determine the wine consumed in best in quality, the adobe mentioned steps should be followed. Also practicing these steps will help a person reinforce his/her tasting skills.

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