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Georgian Wine Making process (Modern wine)

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The major differences between the old and new methods of wine making is that the ancient method utilizes 100% of Mother ChaCha (Stems, skins and seeds) For the process of fermentation whereas the modern method utilizes a smaller percentage of the very same and no stems. The method of making wine with white grapes is given as follows:

  1. Picking up the Grapes which are ripe and healthy from the Vineyard

  2. Then comes the process of de-steaming and crushing the grapes slightly. It is required to add a small amount of So2

  3. The next step it is crucial is to soak the Grapes overnight and then segregating the skin and the juice

  4. It is then required to put out a small amount of skin from the bottom of qvevri along with adding clear juice on the top.

  5. The next process required mentoring with the natural east and then allowing the process to go through natural malolactic fermentation where the container will be covered with a clay lid.

  6. Is then required to check on the wine in an occasional manner to keep on monitoring the progress. It would require taking measures in samples of it.

  7. The next step requires the process of slowly racking up the clear wine of the top along with transferring it to a clean container (qvevri) along with adding a little amount of So2 if required. Then it is again covered with a clay lid.

  8. Let it age for 6 months

The process of making red wine in qvevri in a modern technique is also very similar but the wine is left for one month on ChaCha.

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