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Georgian Wine and its Export potential

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A bottle of wine of red Georgian Qvevri wine with two horns and Caucasus mountains mountains in the background
Georgian wine and its' mountains

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Georgia is considered to be an eco friendly region among 200 other eco-regions in the world. For this country ecotourism has always been important and wine producing has become an important factor for export potential. The eco-tourism management has also become significant to protect the age old tradition of wine production in this country. There have been many political factors that emerged in the last couple of years but even though there has also been a surge in the qvevri wine which originated from Georgia. Due to the quality and taste of Georgian wine, it has a potential to take an honorable place in the global wine market. Many countries are also opting for producing wine through qvevri which makes the competition even tougher. Thus it becomes really important for Georgia to become successful in wine production and utilize the export potential to the best of their ability (Edzgveradze, 2017).

The wine of Georgia has a tremendous potential in exporting since it has an abundance of endogenic species in grapes which makes the wine in this country diversified. It also is a birthplace of Qvevri wine and later on many regions have opted for this technique. As stated earlier the wine is produced in clay vessels instead fermenting it in wooden casks or concrete containers and the volumes of Qvevri ranges from liters to several thousand liters which is not seen in many regions across Europe. 43% of total white grapes are found in Georgia which helps to make the exotic Rkatsiteli wine. This wine is famous for its citrus flavor, a tinge of soft spice and the gentle aromatic texture. Thus due to this following reasons Georgian wine has the potential for exporting their wine bottles to several other countries in future (Edzgveradze, 2017).

Edzgveradze, T., (2017) GEORGIAN WINE AND ITS EXPORT POTENTIAL. In International Scientific Conference (p. 56).

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