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Why is the globe still talking about wines from Georgia?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Wine is linked from the early culture and history of Georgian times and is there in all aspects of the country. When a new member is added to the family in Georgia, they bless the newcomer by wine. The process of wine making tradition is so unique that it involves wooden barrels and filtration methods which are complex in nature. The vineyards of the country have been passed down from generation to generation and the children have learnt several ways of making wine since a very young age. Georgian wine adds life and spirit to the lives of the people residing in the country. In fact, they do not say qvevri is buried underground, rather they say that it is planted as they consider it to be alive. Even in the 21st century the Georgian still prefer their unique technique and method of making wine in clay vessels which are egg shaped. These vessels are buried underground for the purpose of maintaining a temperature which is quite steady.

Evidence of winemaking found out that wine was invented in Georgia. One of the oldest pieces of evidence of wine making has been established since 2017. The scientists explode on your village which is approximately 30 km away in the south of Tbilisi where a clay pot has been found which is 8000 years old. In the pot, 8000 year old grape seed has been found which confirms the evidence. Most of the citizens of Georgia believe in producing their own wine, not to sell it on the market but to simply share it with their friends, family and even with strangers. They have a separate popular time of the year for wine tourism along with the annual harvest which usually takes place in the fall. These are two major family affairs that are famous in Georgia.

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