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Pros and cons of applying any particular good/best practices

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The crop management in growing grapes are important and it is one of the best practices to develop the growth and harvesting of grapes. In relation to manage crop management, it is necessary to provide pesticides to control pests and disease which can be harmful for growing the grapes and harvesting them successfully. In many cases, appropriate using of pesticides help to grow the grapes even faster and bigger which can be more beneficial for the wine industry. According to Rajmohan et al., (2020), pesticides help to prevent the plants from any types of diseases, pests, weeds in enhancing the quality of food products. On the other hand, the usage of pests or pesticides are also having negative effective on human health and environment. Over spraying of pests can damage the soil and water of environment which can introduce some diseases among people later. As stated by Donley (2019), it is necessary for the person to use safety measures while spraying pesticides in the crops. Currently, different health and environmental safety operations have been invented in relation to make remedy of disease which is equal to manage importance. As pros, it has been identified that corrective actions need to take in developing the grapes to grow and manage effective solutions for future with pesticides. Majorly, it has been identified that cons are more than in number in comparison to pros for using the pesticides in growing grapes without any disease and complication for more profit and agricultural development. It can be stated from the above discussion that the usage of pesticides is an important practice to grow the grapes healthy and appropriate. However, over usage of pesticides can damage both human health and environment which introduce complications in sustaining appropriate harvesting of grapes in any location.

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