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Oldest grapes in Georgia

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country have a red grape that people are

hearing about and it is one of the oldest wine grapes in the world. It is Saperavi which is one

of the native to Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains. It is the region where the archaeologists

have been able to unearthed evidence of wine making which has been dated back 8000 years

ago (Maghradze al., 2016). This variety of the great has a proper connection to Georgian

culture and has been implemented in the history of wine where people could see different

kinds of feeling and consumer events have lasted for a long time where they have begun to

plan for the festival of Saperavi. Both Georgia and Ukraine are an essential part of the Soviet

Union and therefore the prime wine export in the market of Georgia are usually Ukraine,

Russia and Belarus (Squire, 2020). This has been in connection with the wine and Georgia

which has been able to demonstrate the different kinds of world events and world war which

has intertwined with the personal stories and has been able to reflect itself in the wines people

drink. It can be stated that this variety of grapes have several attractive characteristics which

has been established for the Eastern US winemakers as it is the master of wine and

winemaking has been one of the traditions of Georgia. It can be said that the Georgian wines

are deeply coloured and have a very unique and distinct flavour which is probably closer to

Syrah than any other varieties available in the market. These are low in tannins and usually

are high in acidity and are one of the most food-friendly wines with anything grilled

(Megrelishvilie al., 2022).


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