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Marketing strategies in Georgian Qvevri Wine brand development

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A large qvevri jar in front of the bench on the grass, next to the old building, on the sunny day
Qvevri vessel

The wine from Georgia is so exotic that it had been able to export almost 23.3 million wine bottles in the year 2012, 44.6 million in the year 2014 and 76.7 million wine bottles to various countries. Due to this Georgia was able to gain $170 million in the year 2017 (Julia, 2018). This country has been successful in selling and gaining a huge profit margin due to the fact it has an interesting story which dates back to 8000 years. The flavor, texture and complexity of the wine are different from any other wine producing countries in the world. No other country like Georgia uses almost 500 indigenous grape varieties to produce wine which is not seen in any other country and also the utilization of Qvevri is also a one of a kind that differentiates Georgian wine from other wine producers. This was also recognized by UNESCO and they made the traditional approach of wine making into a part of intangible heritage of Humanity. This lured the interest of the customers as they could get a taste of natural wine which is produced in this country. The amphora wines or the orange wines originated in Georgia are thus now opted for various countries like France, Italy and Spain.

Other than that the Wine from Georgia not only tells a story about its origin but it also links their winery to local food and tourism. The beautiful landscape, fermenting grapes in a traditional approach or even the emergence of new wineries has become an important marketing tool to attract customers around the world. The prices of the Georgian Wine drinks also differ from each other due to unique properties and rarity of species of grapevine. The most expensive Georgian wine is Usakhelauri and it is priced around $65-75 and the colour of this Georgian wine is ruby (Gurashvili, 2015).

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