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How to test if the wine is fake or real?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023


As the demand for wine has increased around the world, so has the problem of counterfeit wine proliferated. The wine market is estimated to account for billions of dollars in the world and the size is expected to grow further in future. Particularly in today’s digital world, the problem of counterfeit wine is becoming a troubling issue whether it be China, US, Europe or in other parts of the world. According to the experts’ 20% of wine that is sold worldwide is fake (eatthis, 2021).

Steps to access authentic wines

The first step involves buying wine from a trustworthy source. Customers should know the person they are buying wine from and should video purchase from an unlicensed broker. Consumers are suggested to remain conscious even if the seller is a reputable one in the market (winemag, 2018).

The second step involves checking the label properly. For this the consumers can use blue lights to check the authenticity. Certain coating agents that were used to label wine until the 1950s, were silicon that appeared brighter under the UV lamps. Consumers purchasing wine bottles that belong to the time before this redid, should carefully look at the labels (wisermarket, 2020).

The third important step includes checking the print quality. The fake wine brands usually use home inkjet printers. Observing colored spots or pixilation all over the preparer can act as a dead giveaway of a counterfeit wine.

The fourth important step is looking at the sediment. In case of older red wines, sediments should be present that proves the authenticity of that wine.


Therefore, it can be concluded that to solve the worldwide problem of counterfeit wine, consumers should carefully consider the above-mentioned suggestions while purchasing wine even from a very popular seller.

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