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Georgian Wine and All you need to know about it

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Georgia’s wine market is the second largest in the country in terms of the grey production volume. They are one of the highly praised wines that have been produced in the former Soviet countries. Today this has become one of the most popular beverages that are produced by a huge number of small farmers factories that use both the traditional and European methods. The climate and the territorial conditions of Georgia are perfect for the production of wine. The country is also rich with spring, which is natural and comes from Caucasian Mountains. Similar to French wine, Georgian wines are named in accordance to the source region, district or village. Another thing that is common between French wines and Georgian wines is that most of the wines that are made are produced from the blend of two or more varieties of grapes.

The mild climate and humidity in Georgia which is affected by the Black Sea provides one of the best conditions for cultivating vines. The country has more than 400 varieties of grapes, amongst which only 38 are fit for commercial wine making. There are different types of wine which are common in Georgia. These are Tvishi, Tsinandali, Mukuzani, Alaznis Veli, and Kindzmarauli and so on. The important varieties of grape in Georgia are Ojaleshi, Saperavi, Mtsvane, Usakhelauri, Rkatsiteli, Alexandreuli and Chinuri. It can be said that the last valleys and the shielding slopes of Transcaucasia have been one of the most essential factors that have been home to cultivation of the vines along with making wines. This has been weaved into the national identity of Georgia. The traditional method of wine making in Georgia utilizes clay jars that are egg shaped and are called qvevri.

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