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Efficiency of Georgian Qvevri at making natural wine

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A man filling clay cups from an open planted qvevri
Pouring qvevri

Amber wines are made in Qvevri and it is imported from Georgia across many states in the UK. It is not only being deported from Georgia but also from Armenia and many English winemakers these days is opting for qvevri and it has become an efficient way to ferment and produce natural grape wines. Natural wines are those which are made with raw material and low intervention. Apart from that when it is also made in a home environment. Georgian qvevri is efficient in making natural wine due to its lemon shaped size that is buried underground. In this qvevri, the process from fermentation to maturation takes place and in this process the grape stems are often being left out which is essential for making wines with exceptional colour, complexity and flavor (Diggory, 2018). As stated earlier the amber wines are also made in the qvevri by using a variety of grapes. Famous wineries such as Rkatsiteli, Kisi or Mtsvane produce full bodied and orange wines with an extraordinary aroma that lures every wine lover in the country. The Georgian qvevri are also famous for making natural red wines which are mostly made from Saperavi grapes. This type of wine is a little bit of purple in colour with a luring aroma and a supple texture.

In recent times it has been observed that only few people are remaining to make the Georgian qvevri which can evidently make it extinct after a few years. Nevertheless, in this Qvevri a bit of beeswax is applied to the pot so that some of the pores can be clogged. The remaining pores help to pass through the air which makes the fermentation process even easier. The applied beeswax has waterproofing and sterilizing properties that make the qvevri clean and hygienic (Diggory, 2018). Due to the following reasons, this has become one of the efficient ways to produce natural wine.

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