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Best Georgian Wines to Try

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Friends enjoying a glass of orange wine behind the table filled with cheese, food and other snacks
Glasses with orange wine

Best Georgian wines

Some of the Georgian wines that are quite popular in the European countries and also in the Western hemisphere are Georgian Orange Wine, the Red wines, and the White varieties. These are actually classes of wines which comprise so many variants within themselves which are popular in different countries. The Georgian Orange wine is perhaps the most famous one among all those which have been mentioned above. It is special wine prepared by leaving the skin of grapes in contact with the grape juice for a relatively longer period of time as compared to the normal wine-making process. This period can be as long as six months which allows for an orange tint to appear in the overall solution which comprises grape juice which has almost fermented into ripe wine to a considerable extent. The red wines from Georgia are also quite popular because of the prolonged fermentation processes that they are subjected to under controlled environmental conditions. Kindzmarauli is a special variant of the red wines made in Georgia. It is unique because of the dark red or brown colour it possesses. The difference lies not only in colour but also the taste which is somewhat sweeter than the rest of its brothers of the same family of wines. Pirosmani is yet another wine from the same family of red wines but differs from the rest in terms of the process of its preparation. It is prepared from the Saperavi variety of grapes, the juice of which is allowed to ferment in clay jars, rendering it a completely natural flavor. It is interesting to note that there is a Pirosmani in the family of white wines also. However, the level of sweetness and alcohol content is different from that found in its counterpart in the red wine family. This Pirosmani of the white wine family is even more famous and has been awarded several times for its quality in different wine contests held globally (Rytkönen et al., 2021).

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