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Khvanchkara red medium sweet

Kvanchkara red medium sweet (11% Alc) 

"Khvanchkara" is a high-quality natural medium-sweet red wine. It is made of the Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grape varieties. The wine is characterized by a garnet red colour. The well-expressed variety-specific aroma is dominated by bright notes dark red velvet rose, raspberry and mountain violet. On the palate is delicate, harmonious, silky, pleasant flavour with the prevalence of raspberry and violets tones, and with a long unique aftertaste

Food Pairings: Delicious on its own, desserts, chocolate, fruits, dried fruits, nuts and salads

Harvest Period: 2019

Grape Variety: 50% Aleksandrouli 50% Mujuretuli

Region: Racha

Khvanchkara red medium sweet

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