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Rosé medium dry (Case of 6)

Rosé medium dry (12% Alc) CASE OF 6

Rosé is a medium-dry rosé table wine, made by blending grape varieties of Rkatsiteli, Tavkveri and Saperavi, cultivated in Kakheti region, Georgia. The wine is characterized by rose colour, bright, complex aroma and gentle freshness, with the hints of tropic fruits, ripe red berries and a touch of barberry. On the palate is delicate and velvety, fruity with a light pleasant raspberry aftertaste.


​Food Pairings: Salads, desserts, fruits and light cheeses, also with diverse hot snacks

Harvest Period: 2019

Grape Variety: Rkatsiteli, Tavkveri and Saperavi

Region: Kakheti

Rosé medium dry (Case of 6)

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