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Wine packaging: Branding and Safety

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Bottle clay with grapes


In the process of branding, packaging of wine is a very important aspect, especially when a new brand is being introduced in the market. The success or failure of the wine selling can actually depend on the design of its label. Despite the fine quality of a wine, the consumer decision to buy that particular brand rests on the packaging and labeling (dspace, 2019).

Protecting and Selling

The content in the bottles is well protected when glass bottles are used for packaging. Four basic functions are performed by wine packaging that includes: protecting the contents, holding the contents for selling or identification of the products. The packaging that stands unique from the rest of the brands being sold in the market, helps in attracting more customers and increasing its sales.

Packaging Systems

In wine marketing, packaging is not only about the use of bottles but also includes dispensers and wine glasses. As observed by the wine consumers, the dispensers help in distributing wine in accurate volumes and preserving their taste for a longer time. By ensuring that each glass dispensed contains the original wine, the dispensers add value in wine marketing (pariswinecup, 2019). Moreover, using glass bottles is an eco-friendly option, as they can be recycled or returned to the shelves after 30 days. Also recycling processes of glass bottles decrease carbon emission, exhaustion of resources and is a great way of preserving energy.


Conclusively it can be said that in wine marketing, packaging not only serves to hold the product in front of the target customers but also creates the product. The way customers assess and rate the products thus depends largely on the branding, design of the label and packaging shape. Many manufacturers are thus developing and seeking the most creative and unique packaging designs to stand apart from the competitors.

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