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Understanding the Georgian Wine Boom

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Georgian Qvevri wine has been a boom to the people across the world due to its Indigenous grape varieties and incredible off the beaten wine styles. It is also famous for its incredible bargains. Georgia as understood is famous for its remarkable people and delicious food and wineries. The amazing wine making approach of this country has made it one of the luring dream destinations for the travelers. Renowned people such as Marco Polo, Alexander Dumas, and Anton Chekhov all wrote about their amazing experience of wine tasting while they returned home. The access to a lot of ferment in this country has made the wine making tradition to continue for over 8000 years. In 2006 this country only had 80 registered wineries but in 2016 it reached up to a total of 961 wineries (Granik, 2019). This can be due to the yeast and grape cultivars in this wine to make it high quality and delicious. In Georgia, many rural areas the homemade production of wine growing is still persistent which makes the delicious Georgian wine with the fermentation of must but they however do not use any chemical preservatives. This is another reason why wine from Georgia is so famous and important for wine lovers (Vigentini et al., 2016).

It should be noted that the diversity of Georgia’s wine is its strength. It is made up of 430 indigenous grape varieties but due to the commercial production it is made up of a few selected grape varieties. In the recent times the Wine from Georgia comes in a stainless less that allows easy entry into the Georgian wine. Wineries from Eastern and Western Georgia such as Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, and Kisi etc. produce semi sweet red wines. These wines from the region of Georgia are also characterized by fruity. Thus Georgia has become the dream destination for wine lovers for its soul, history and deliciousness of wines (Granik, 2019).

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